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4 The College of New Jersey Magazine LOOKING B A C K M E M E N T O S What mementos from TCNJ have survived your Marie Kondo decluttering? Alumni have remarkably held on to commencement brochures, yearbooks, and dink hats for decades. But what keepsakes from college give our alumni the most joy? The friends they made. Sealing the deal I came across some college yearbooks while cleaning recently. Even though I was not a photographer, my friends convinced me to join The Seal staff. I received a key to The Seal office in the basement of the student center and had access to use the phone there. Back then, long-distance phone calls cost a lot. I must have made thousands of dollars' worth of calls from there rather than using my apartment phone. I did get a few photos published in the yearbook though. And, I met my wife at TCNJ — best thing ever. — ED HERMANN '88 Friend request I've held on to the original Class of 1994 "face book" from fall 1990, a publication that has long been obsolete. It's still in pretty good shape for being 30 years old though! — MELISSA MORLEY AMOUR '94 Minding my own business I have three memories I hope make you smile: my college ID cards, the Class of 1973 register (prior to starting our first year we were asked to submit a photo and questionnaire telling about ourselves), and my friend, Carol Kosnar Sost '73. We began our freshman year 50 years ago, both business education majors. We developed a friendship that continues to this day. — JOANN ROSSI SOS '73 L to R: Sos and Sost Memories from day one As a first-generation college student, I marched the stairs of Cromwell Hall, two flights up and two flights down, until all my belongings were situated in my suite. Then my roommate, Evelyn Cruz Santiago, and I were off — first to the student center for our IDs, then the bookstore line for textbooks, then to field hockey practice. Four years as TSC roommates and 40-plus years as lifelong friends, our adventures continue. This year, Evelyn and I will become grandmothers together. — ROCHELLE D'AGOSTINO SALMON '83 Santiago (left) and Salmon today Salmon (left) and Santiago as first-year students

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