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21 SPRING 2019 BILL CARDONI > You stand in a metal ring and spin your body and wire from the back of the circle toward the front, then you release the hammer's handle. If you fall out of the seven-foot diameter circle, it's a foul. There are two white lines called sector lines that come out from the circle. The hammer needs to land within those lines. > Right now I am throwing 150 feet for my hammer throw. By the end of my senior year I would like to be close to 170 feet. > Shot put and hammer each weigh eight pounds; the weight you throw for the weight event is 20 pounds. So most of my training is lifting- and strength-based. Might do short sprints to work on speed in the circle. > As a freshman and sophomore, I was indoor field MVP for TCNJ. It feels good to have peers recognize my hard work. The team chemistry at TCNJ is great. > Being a student athlete pushes you to work with others to achieve a common goal, which will help me in the future when I start my career. > I work in the library on campus. It's the best job on campus. It's my favorite place to study, and I see lots of friends as they walk through between classes. My mom worked in a library when she was in college too. > I want to work in healthcare, but I don't want to be a doctor. I want to work on the policy side of things. I'm a public health major. I want to get my master's in public health and then a law degree. —as told to Kara Pothier

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