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44 FALL 2017 Fierabend started Groundswell in 2007, focusing initially on residential projects. The firm was plenty busy in its early years, when it was headquartered in Fierabend's home in East Amwell, New Jersey. But then a 2008 residential project that Fierabend designed in Lambertville, New Jersey, caught the eye of the editors at Philadelphia, which cited Groundswell in its annual Best of Philly contest. Ever since, Fierabend's phone hasn't stopped ringing. On a tour of some Groundswell projects in the city, Fierabend stops at Philadelphia Distilling, the first craft distillery in Pennsylvania since Prohibition. The space consumes 17,000 square feet in an abandoned warehouse and includes a bar, restaurant, and retail shop. Continued from page 35 If you've discovered • something unexpected • details about your birth family you've longed for • others who share your DNA TCNJ Magazine would love to hear about your genetic journey for an upcoming article. Please send brief details to If we're able to use your story, we'll contact you. Deadline: September 30, 2017 HAVE YOU TESTED YOUR DNA USING ANCESTRY OR 23&ME? "There's something exciting about being outside and seeing movement." Outside is an unfinished patio, with a view of a parking lot and within earshot of an elevated stretch of Interstate 95, which at this moment roars with rush- hour traffic. It will be Groundswell's job to figure out how best to incorporate the finished patio into its unrelentingly noisy surroundings. So the question is put to Fierabend: Is this setting an asset or a liability? "It's neither," he says. "You'll never get rid of that noise. You'll never get rid of the traffic. But there's something exciting about being outside and seeing movement. What we don't want to see is this parking lot. So that we know we can manage." Christopher hann is spending the fall checking Fierabend spaces off his bucket list.

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