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15 BILL CARDONI > I played lacrosse and field hockey in high school, but our field hockey program wasn't very competitive, so I wasn't really on anyone's recruiting radar. I came to TCNJ for lacrosse. > I was joking around with assistant lacrosse coach Robin Selbst '96 (who also coaches field hockey), and said, "You know, I did play field hockey in high school." We laughed about it, but toward the end of the season, I got more serious about it. Sophomore year, I decided to try field hockey again. > I was definitely a little rusty at first. Thankfully, I was in shape, which gave me a big boost. Also, I'm six feet tall, so in field hockey, I'm the tallest player on the team by three or four inches. > If I'd gone to a different college, I might not have played field hockey again. Now, I'm so invested in it — I forgot how much I love the sport. > Field hockey is more challenging than lacrosse for me. Playing attack, I have to be creative, always thinking one step ahead, finding a way to beat defenders. In lacrosse, I play defense, and it's more about reacting — that's more natural for me. > I won national defensive player of the year in lacrosse my sophomore year, but the biggest accomplishment for me is a team thing: We've had the best defensive record in the country the last three years. I actually went back and calculated it myself, and last year we had the lowest goals-against-average ever at TCNJ. > Being from out of state was a little difficult at first. Everyone's asking, "What county are you from?" In Connecticut, everyone just says what town they're from. I had no idea about North Jersey versus South Jersey, anything like that. > Last year, my cleats were so worn out, but I didn't want to get new shoes in the middle of the season and deal with blisters. I had to tape my shoes everyday at practice. > I wear the same headband for every game — an American flag bandana. I have always been patriotic, and I love wearing it because it shows that part of me. > I'm a bio major, and I'm hoping to go into the medical field. Since I was little, I always wanted to be a doctor, but now I'm looking into being a physician's assistant or physical therapist — those look appealing to me, working with athletes and getting people better. —as told to Ryan Jones UP CLOSE > How I Got Here ELIZABETH MORRISON '18 With stick(s) in hand, this two-sport star is outstanding in her field. CROSS COUNTRY Natalie Cooper '19, 2016 NJAC Runner of the year, and senior Dale Johnson, who competed on the 2016 All-NJAC First Team. FIELD HOCKEY Six starters return for Head Coach Sharon Pfluger '82, including senior Elizabeth Morrison, above, 2016 All-NJAC First Team. FOOTBALL New Head Coach Casey Goff. Junior linebacker Max Busca, who led the team in tackles with 64. Quarterback Trevor Osler '18 and running back Chad Scott '18 are back to lead offense. MEN'S SOCCER Sophomore Mateo Panizza, who tallied six goals his rookie season in 2016 and Peter Dresch '18, who netted four goals and two assists. WOMEN'S SOCCER NSCCA All-American fifth-year senior Christine Levering and NJAC Midfielder of the Year Jessica Goldman '18 return for their final year. WOMEN'S TENNIS Junior Sneha Rangu is back at first singles, with ITA All-Americans in doubles, Madellyn Stoner '18 and Grace Minassian '19. —Mark Gola Who to Watch | Fall 2017

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