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12 SPRING 2017 12 SPRING 2017 12 SPRING 2017 > I started playing T-ball when I was 5 or 6 years old. I got competitive around 8. My dad played Division I at LaSalle University, so he had a lot of baseball background. I want to thank him for getting me into the sport. > It's a lot more of a mental game than people think. You always have to get 27 outs. There's no clock. Everyone has his chance. You can't get around their best hitter. That's what makes baseball so special for me. > At a very young age, my dad told me pitching is all about location, location, location. I've never been the hardest thrower on any team, but I always took pride in having pinpoint accuracy with my pitching. That's always stuck with me. > TCNJ, I still say to this day, it's like the perfect blend of a good baseball program and a great academic experience and even a great social atmosphere — three things that every college athlete wants. > I picked finance because it's a field I always saw as interesting. I'd love to be a personal financial advisor — to help people manage their money, to make them better off. > I'm happy with my personal success, but the team has always been the big thing. Ask all 35 guys on the team and they'd say the same thing: We want to win the New Jersey Athletic Conference, regionals, and the College World Series. > I do pitching lessons in my hometown. Even to help out one kid who is 10 — I just want to pass down some of the knowledge I've learned to someone else. Hopefully, I can have the same effect on someone that my dad had on me. > To be a good athlete on the field, you have to put in the work off the field in the winter and off-season. If you don't, the results you want aren't going to come in the first game. You've got to put extra hours in when nobody's looking, because that's when you're at your best. —as told to Christopher Hann Cirillo and the rest of the TCNJ team played ball in Florida over spring break. Watch the action here: SPORTS > How I Got Here > JOE CIRILLO '18 Junior pitcher throws it over the plate on the field and in life. P R A I R I E

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