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7 "Whoever becomes the master of a city accustomed to freedom, and does not destroy it, may expect to be destroyed himself." "It's easier to shout 'revolution' and 'power to the people' than it is to look at yourself and try and find out Read these articles and others at In 1964, Lennon met Daily Express reporter Ivor Davis and promptly nicknamed him Ivan the Terrible. "Fear of alienation … pours from his psyche in songs such as 'If I Fell,' 'I'm a Loser,' 'Nowhere Man,' and, of course, in his lyrical plea for 'Help.'" Primal scream therapy Likely "Eyewitness reports of John's erratic behavior" suggest a BPD diagnosis, with DSM-5 matches for eight of the nine criteria. Only five are necessary. Strawberry Fields in NYC's Central Park TripAdvisor page? Yes. Lennon yelled at his four-year-old son Sean for not using his fork and knife properly. "Sean recalls: 'He [yelled] at me very, very loudly. He damaged my ear, and I had to go to the doctor.'" "On the night of Nixon's reelection, at a party thrown by Jerry Rubin's campaign supporters," Lennon "cheated on Yoko with another woman in the very next room." None. Ivan met his maker in 1584. In 1570, Ivan sacked Novgorod over alleged treason by residents: "The tortures and executions were brutal … with both immolations and drownings occurring." Commissioning St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow's fanciful, onion-domed icon. No substantive evidence Cavallaro doesn't mince words about how modern historians' failure to take a critical approach to Ivan's reign aids in "setting up a model of an 'evil' Russian ruler" in perpetuity. After nearly half a millennium, the first-ever statue of Ivan was erected outside of Moscow in October 2016. TripAdvisor page? Nyet. Enraged at Ivan, his son and heir apparent, Ivan the father reportedly hit him with his staff, killing him. Ivan's black-clad Oprichnina, or secret police, massacred 2,000 to 3,000 residents, and possibly more, in this city of 30,000.

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