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6 WINTER 2017 —Niccolò Machiavelli, espousing thinking contemporary to Ivan what's real inside you and what isn't."—John Lennon Without each other's knowledge, two sharp English majors conducted research on ideas around the mental health of these very notable but worlds-apart world figures. We found their work in TCNJ's Journal of Student Scholarship — and got a little twisted ourselves. Prized The inaugural 2016 Adeline Hoffman Prize for stellar research goes to Cavallaro, along with a sweet $1,500 check. "Exposing the Voice of Truth: A Psychological Profile of John Lennon" Did Lennon have borderline personality disorder? "Deborah Fade's essay is brilliant. None of Lennon's biographers consider the BPD diagnosis." "Western (Mis)perceptions of Tsar Ivan IV Vasilyevich the 'Terrible'" Was Russia's Ivan insane, or are historians throwing him shade while giving a pass to Western European contemporaries committing the same state violence? "Albert's essay represents TCNJ undergraduate research at its best."

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