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11 14. Bowie is back! He's scored five Grammy nominations for 2017 — and a First-Year Seminar course called "Loving the Alien: The Music and Art of David Bowie." It's only a matter of time now for one on Prince. 15. The shoe fits When our cover model, Sarah Dash, wants to get comfortable during a TCNJ Magazine photo shoot, this is how she goes glam. More, page 20. MACDELLA COOPER COURTESY MUI DAILY NEWS 09. Meal mashups Even with the abundance of dining choices on campus, students sometimes have to take matters into their own hands. 10. Look who's talking Shout out to some familiar names lighting up campus this fall: Jerry Greenfield of Ben and Jerry's dished out business tips and free ice cream. New York Times bestselling author Gretchen Rubin (The Happiness Project) and NPR host Maria Hinojosa got personal and urged students to write their own narratives. Finally, an all-alumni panel talked the business of sports, with Al Guido '03, 49ers president; Luis Perez '86, formerly with the Lions and Pistons of Detroit; and Phillies announcer Tom McCarthy '90. 11. Cultural appropriation: T or F? Are white writers "allowed" to write about people of color, or anyone different from themselves? And "who is doing the allowing?" Those are questions English professor and novelist Jess Row raises in "What Are White Writers For?" in The New Republic (September 30, 2016). 12. To lead a nation MacDella Cooper '01, who once fled from Liberia's civil war, is back home and running for president. If she is successful, she will follow Liberia's first female leader, current President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Elections are in October 2017. 13. How'd the Mannequin Challenge even happen? In The Power of Networks: Six Principles That Connect Our Lives (Princeton, 2016), co-author Christopher Britton '11 explains how social networks function, making it easy to answer questions such as, "Is everyone on Facebook really connected in six steps or less?" or "How do cat memes — or anything — go viral?" 08. PhD powerhouse The National Science Foundation ranks TCNJ third among the top 10 schools in New Jersey for the number of undergraduate alumni earning doctorates in the past decade.

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