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THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY Graphic Identity Standards Guide 8 BASIC ELEMENTS HOW NOT TO USE THE COLLEGE LOGO The TCNJ logotype should not be altered in any way, including extending, condensing, rearranging, adding borders or special effects, or changing colors. The examples on this page illustrate some incorrect use of the seal and logotype. TCNJ The College of New Jersey Do not stretch any college logo. Do not condense any college logo. Do not change or replace the color. The college's logo can only be reproduced in black, white, PMS 534 ( blue), and PMS 534 and PMS 132 (gold). Do not realign or rearrange the logo. Do not typeset the logotype or change the font, in any way. Do not use the shield without type. Do not separate the logotype without the acronyn, TCNJ. The white logo must have white inside the shield. Color inside the shield indicates incorrect file type. Do not use a paw print to represent the college. Do not use retired versions of the college logo or shield. THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY

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