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THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY Graphic Identity Standards Guide 11 BASIC ELEMENTS THE COLLEGE SEAL The TCNJ seal includes updated renderings of symbols from the Trenton State College seal and has been designed to honor TCNJ's rich history. Use of the official college seal is limited to the Office of the President, the Board of Trustees, and members of the cabinet. It also appears on diplomas, contracts, and other official college documents. The seal can only be used with prior approval from the Office of Communications, Marketing and Brand Management. The seal is a stand-alone mark that cannot be combined with other visual elements, such as the college logotype.. The college seal uses the official colors and fonts. THREE STARS represent New Jersey, the third state to join the Union. TWO BOOKS represent the Liberal Arts and the professions, each taught with equal depths of quality at TCNJ. THE SUN represents the light of knowledge. Its rendering style mimics that of the shapes used in the sculpture outside of the Education Building. THE LION has been a symbol of the college since the early 1900s. THE COLLEGIATE BRAIDING wrapped around a center shield and the circular shape are retained from the TSC seal. BLACK TCNJ BLUE AND GOLD TCNJ BLUE ALTERNATE SEAL The Alternate Seal is reserved for use by members of the president' s cabinet and the deans.

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