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Card 19 Front 19. Warnings/No fica on Procedures Warnings/No fica ons CAMPUS POLICE: 609-771-2345 < or > dial 9-1-1 from any Campus Phone <> Campus Alert Policy 1 When faced with a Cri cal Incident, College Rela ons will distribute per nent informa on via the following: Text Alert, e-mail, TCNJ voicemail, listserv, blog, radio, and/or the website 2 ALL Faculty & Staff should be signed up for the Emergency Alert System 3 Faculty & Staff should regularly update their contact informa- on in the Emergency Alert System to ensure inclusion in all emergency alerts and no fica ons <> Alert No fica ons – Poten al Types 1 Weather Closing 2 Facility Closure 3 Timely Warning of Criminal Ac vity or threat to safety and security 4 Emergency Alert: general or specific to a targeted area of Campus 5 Emergency Situa on – Poten al danger 6 All Clear – return to business as usual

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