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34 The College of New Jersey Magazine His speeches carry titles — "May the Force be with Youth" and "From iPod to iPosture" — meant to engage listeners, while his papers reject the stiff jargon found in some academic writing. A recent article that went viral warns readers that the negative "mythology of youth resistance training remains a zombie tale that will not die." Such efforts at inclusion and outreach are no accident. "Half my work is research, and half is changing practice," Faigenbaum says, adding "We have to bridge the gap from the lab to the playing field." Faigenbaum's generosity with his time and scholarship, whether sharing studies on bone density or teaching colleagues in underserved schools how to build a medicine ball out of old soccer balls, sets him apart. "It's unique for a researcher to not only be able to do the research, but to connect to the people that it will impact," says Andrea Stracciolini, director of medical sports medicine at Boston Children's Hospital, who is a longtime collaborator of Faigenbaum's. Faigenbaum's work with overweight children inspired Stracciolini to seek him out when she was a young doctor and ask to shadow him in his lab at TCNJ. There, observing how he engaged the children and studying his rigorous approach to research, Stracciolini resolved to help him shrink the disconnect between clinical pediatric care and Avery Faigenbaum works with a teen in his TCNJ lab. Changing the pyramid Below: Current national guidelines for youth physical activity emphasize cardiovascular exercise with moderate to vigorous activity as the foundation for good health and strength exercises as a smaller part. Moderate Physical Activity Vigorous Aerobics Vigorous Sports & Recreation Muscle Fitness & Exercise Flexibility Exercises

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