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1 WINTER 2024 LOOKINGBACK ANTHONY DePRIMO An open and shut locker mystery "I was a business major, but I had some other criteria for what I wanted in a college. It had to have a radio station, a TV studio, and accessibility to ice skating." "My girlfriend at the time, a Newark State student, in a greenhouse — probably Duke Gardens." "I'm on the right with my best friend, Joseph Fischer. We were camping in Bahia Honda State Park, in the Florida Keys." "The Trentonian was my paper of choice back then. I liked their horoscopes." "This was a free magazine you could pick up around campus." "Ha! I honestly have no idea what that was about." A time capsule of sorts was found recently when a locker on the second floor of Green Hall was randomly opened. Locks had been removed and contents emptied from the hall of lockers decades ago. Yet, #2234 was forgotten it seems. Inside, there hung a dusty pair of ice skates with mud still evident on the blades. Yellowed newspapers from 1974, film negatives, and tattered folders stuffed with class assignments lay at the bottom. One assignment contained a name: Seymour Mondshein '74. We reached out to Mondshein who confirmed the 50-year-old contents were his. Well, not the skates. Those belonged to his friend, James Hutchins '72, from whom he had borrowed them. When the locker mystery was revealed to him, Mondshein sent Hutchins a simple email: "I found your skates." Mondshein identifies some of his locker treasures below. Write to and tell us what a time capsule from your college days would contain.

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