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48 The College of New Jersey Magazine 1. "One box, that's all it takes," Burrell says. "You say 'Girl Scout cookies' and everyone comes running." 10 10 things you need to know about … GIRL SCOUT COOKIES Across the nation, Girl Scouts sell some 200 million boxes of cookies a year, with Thin Mints being the best-seller. While most of us can hardly wait to dig into a box, lifelong Girl Scout and nursing major Christel Burrell '23 had a good reason to talk up Thin Mints this year — her face appears on the box. —Kara Pothier 7. She had her own photo taken, and then learned the photos were for the boxes. But she had to keep it a secret. "I signed an NDA to not talk about the cookie boxes." 6. Burrell's modeling for a cookie box was somewhat accidental. She volunteered to help younger scouts at a Girl Scout photo shoot, not knowing at first what the shoot was for. TCNJ X10 LAUREN H. ADAMS 8. Being on the Thin Mints box is exciting to Burrell. "They are one of the oldest and most popular kinds. It's mind-blowing that after all these years of selling, I am now on a box." 5. A variety of a Girl Scout chocolate mint cookie appeared in 1939. First called Cooky Mints, then Chocolate Mints, they got the name Thin Mints in 1963. 4. The first Girl Scout cookie sale took place in 1917 when a troop in Muskogee, Oklahoma, baked cookies and sold them in the high school cafeteria. 10. Burrell was overwhelmed at how many messages she received when people saw the boxes. But she's adjusting to her cookie-related celebrity status. "My dad always reminds me to stay humble. And I am." 2. The most she ever sold in a year was 700 boxes. Her tip to current Girl Scouts: Know your product. 3. The cookies have a history. "It reminds people of their childhood. Eating a Girl Scout cookie gives people a warm feeling." 9. Still, Burrell admits Thin Mints are not her favorite. "I like Samoas and Do-si-dos."

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