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28 The College of New Jersey Magazine Eager to capture the amazing transformation our students experience over their four years, we met with the Class of 2020 as first-year students in 2017. (Longtime readers of this magazine may recall the Spring cover photo of Jaime Allen, a newly-minted nursing major with remarkable lavender hair.) We've seen them explore and grow emotionally, spend countless hours acquiring knowledge, skills, and even ice hockey prowess, and discard early dreams because they were surpassed by deeper and more satisfying ones. But a global pandemic that would rupture their final semester? This was not the narrative we imagined, nor did they. Yet it gives us a renewed opportunity to truly celebrate all the sustained intellect- and vision-stretching to which these newest TCNJ alumni dedicated themselves, something the greater world will soon discover. It's still their year Go open your doors and windows. The Class of 2020 needs us to raise hands in applause and let cheers fly. words by christopher hann . photos by bill cardoni

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