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11 WINTER 2020 U.S. AND WORLD NEWS Pig hunts A farm on loan for a "rural course" gave students the chance to watch Miss Lafreta's "famous, plunging tackle just as the offending piglet slipped under a corncrib." Research sources include the 66th Annual Report and the Catalogue of the State Normal School at Trenton, 1920–1921; The Seal, 1920; and The Signal 1/1920 Prohibition goes into effect . 8/1920 19th Amendment is ratified, giving women the vote. 4/1924 Adolf Hitler enters prison, starts Mein Kampf. 7/1925 John T. Scopes is found guilty of violating Tennessee law by teaching evolution. 6/1926 First SAT is given. 5/1927 Charles Lindbergh makes first nonstop transatlantic flight. 11/1927 Holland Tunnel opens. 9/1928 Penicillin is discovered in London. 10/1928 Mickey Mouse is born. 10/1929 Stock market collapses. Selected curriculum Science, millinery and sewing, cement work, Swedish gymnastics, and, under personal hygiene: narcotics, temperance instruction, and "the problem of sex education." On teacher shortages "Unless the enrollment in normal and training schools increases, it will be impos- sible in a few years to fill the teaching positions in some sections of the State." Jerohn J. Savitz, principal, 1917–23 In the classroom Practice teacher: "Now, children, where did the Pilgrims land? Yes, John." John: "At Asbury Park." On the faculty "Here you find an unequaled faculty from two standpoints, first, scholarship; second, friendliness toward the scholars. With this, no boy or girl could do anything but improve." Mildred F. Lee, senior, music WHAT THEY SAID TOP ILLUSTRATION: PETER ARKLE

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