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UP F R O N T How did you burn the midnight oil at TCNJ? Alumni share their most memorable late-night stories — from being pulled from bed by blaring fire alarms to cramming for a final project to just hanging with roommates. French-fried nights "Travers-Wolfe had SEVENTEEN late-night, false fire alarms in one semester (thanks, drunk alarm pullers!). We'd flow outside into the freezing cold and wait for all rooms to be checked, which could take more than an hour. We soon learned to grab money and car keys and, in pajamas and bed-head, we'd drive to the Crystal Diner* where we'd huddle together in a booth and share one order of gravy fries and ask for waters 'all around.' The tab for about eight people was probably $4." —DAWN MARTINO CURTIS '93 *The diner became the Route 1 Diner in 2014.

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