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18 The College of New Jersey Magazine P R A I R I E B R A N D THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY is in an enviable position. Listed as the No. 1 medium-sized, U.S. public college by MONEY's Best Colleges for Your Money this year and recognized nationally as an innovative leader in undergraduate research, the holy grail of contemporary higher education, the college is on a four-year- long streak of receiving more applications than the year before. (Thank you, guidance counselors!) At the same time, TCNJ realized it needed a way to brand itself beyond academic and post-graduate achievement if it were to successfully lodge itself in people's memories. "We want to become better known, and that's important in so many different ways," says Dave Muha, associate vice-president for communications. "It's essential for continuing to attract talented students, but beyond that, it's the value of the degree: It opens doors for our graduates, it helps in recruiting faculty and staff, and it helps us compete for grant funding for initiatives as we seek to support our students." "Just simple daily interaction with peers, professors, and staff creates an atmosphere different than any other college in the area." SO WHAT IS THE ESSENCE that sets TCNJ apart, the je ne sais quoi that can be rolled out in an instant? Bryanna O'Keefe, a sophomore communication major from Glen Ridge, New Jersey, has an opinion. TCNJ launches a brand that feels organic. By Renée Olson

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