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38 The College of New Jersey Magazine Iowa City, IA Erie, PA Cleveland, OH Kalamazoo, MI Chicago, IL Rockford, IL Ravikumar bought a new pair of running shoes halfway through. "The bottoms were so worn out; I could feel rocks under my feet." RUN THESE NUMBERS NIGHTS WITH A BED 3 TOTAL GROUP MILEAGE 4,070 LONGEST RUN IN ONE DAY 20 MILES MILES They crashed on community center floors and woke at 4 a.m. to beat the heat. Ravikumar: "I'm a die-hard coffee fan, and it wasn't always easy to get." Okun dealt with injury by writing a different cancer patient's name on her hand each day to remind her why she was doing this. Okun: "By Chicago, it felt like I could ride out the wave and enjoy it all." Deep-dish pizza might have helped. The Art Institute Runners took breaks in a van that followed them. Ravikumar: "It smelled awful by the end, and the seats were damp." Ravikumar: "By the time we hit Ohio, it felt like home. You could feel the humidity. We knew it was all coming to an end soon."

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