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34 The College of New Jersey Magazine "IT WOULD BE MY HOPE THAT STUDENTS WOULD PASS BY, AND I WOULD GREET THEM BY NAME." graphics — they enable you to make better decisions. I often graph data and no doubt will at TCNJ. I might add that growing up I wanted to be, chronologically, a farmer, an actress, a bus driver, and a cartographer. TM: What else will be meaningful for you that I haven't asked? KF: I have a question. What's the funny bone of TCNJ, and how can I tap into it? I think it's interesting to imagine the nature of comedy here. I love wit. Is there a wittiness? A cleverness? The reason I ask is because you want there to be humor in an institution. You want there to be a collective enjoyment of our circumstances. TM: How badly do you wish I were interviewing you a year from now? KF: Very badly. And I would be happy to talk to you again in a year. This has been fun. ■ Foster meets student leaders.

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