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33 FALL 2018 mind. It might be a sonnet. It might be an equation. It might be a theory. For me, it's all good. TM: Did you have a nickname at the University of Maine? KF: I did. To my face, the students would call me Dr. Foster or President Foster. But on social media, my handle was "KFos." And occasionally I'd have a student shout, "KFos!" across the quad. Truthfully, at some level, you earn a nickname. It's a form of endearment. TM: Paper planner or smartphone? KF: To the chagrin of the office, paper. TM: Ocean or lake? KF: Lake. TM: Taylor ham or pork roll? KF: Salt water taffy. TM: You're going rogue. KF: Not my cuisine. It's not a North Jersey, South Jersey thing. TM: The Department of World Languages and Cultures asks: Favorite ice cream flavor? KF: Coffee. I must say that the Halo Farm Coffee Heath Bar takes it to the next level. TM: If you weren't a college president, what would you be? KF: Assuming the LPGA is not calling me, and it is not calling me, I would want to be a data visualization designer for The New York Times. TM: Wow. KF: I love the work that they do with major amounts of data. Those the college itself have not been given the autonomy to make the decisions and put into play the action steps to realize goals. TM: The playwright Tom Stoppard wrote in The Invention of Love, "Knowledge is good … just by being knowledge. And the only thing that makes it knowledge is that it is true. You can't have too much of it, and there is no little too little to be worth having." Does college in general devote enough effort to exploring what knowledge is and why it's important? KF: I hope so. If not here, then where? The sentence before the quotation — I love the quotation — is that knowledge "does not have to look good, even sound good or even do good." What I love about this is that we cannot know what will inspire a person to practice habits of the Getting a feel for the college's academic rigor.

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